The Friends Of Echo Park Branch Library is a non-profit 501c (3) whose purpose is to provide financial and volunteer support of literacy activities in conjunction with the Echo Park Branch Library of the Los Angeles Public Library. 

Home of the Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown Environmental Stewardship Program, Carlos Bulosan Book Club, and the Filipino Heritage Collection

We want to invite you to Part 4: Infrastructure, of our Environmental Stewardship mentorship and training program on April 29, 2023 1pm-3pm. You can join us virtually or in person.

Part 1 focused on the big picture, the vision. Part 2 on biodiversity. Part 3 focused on climate. Our guest speaker for Part 4 which focuses on infrastructure is Ethel Rubio. She is a member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and one of the Sustain it or Explain it (SOE) task force members of the ISI.

Infrastructure is key to our quest to transform our world to become smarter and more sustainable. Our fossil fuel civilization has created a crisis that affects all of us. To get us out of this crisis, we will need to redesign our civilization to move away from the fossil fuel civilization and to a greener civilization that use renewable energy supported by sustainable infrastructure.

Join us virtually or in person on April 29 at the Los Angeles Public Library Echo Park Branch to learn more about our Sustainability Program and what you can do to be part of the solution.

Register here:

To learn more, go to

Dear Friends,

Part 3 of our Environmental Stewardship Program which focuses on Climate is this Saturday.

Here is the link to join us virtually if you can’t make it in person:

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 846 7975 5551 Passcode: 810847

We hope you join us next week for a very important topic, biodiversity. The Community Garden in Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown will be a demonstration garden to show the concepts of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Help us build this garden to help us empower the next generation to be environmental stewards of our only home in the universe.

Here is a TEDx Boston talk from Tania:

Here is the link to join us virtually this Saturday for Part 2 of the Environmental Stewardship Program if you can’t join us in person at the Echo Park Library: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 846 7975 5551 Passcode: 810847

The link to register:

When #JFK said we will go to the moon, we made that goal happen. When #mlk shared his dream, we made it a reality. When the #UnitedNations said we would fix the ozone layer, we made it happen. Now is our time to make the #SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

The library is located at:

1410 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California 90026

Board Members

President: David Rockello
Secretary: Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal

Treasurer: Jaime Geaga

Myrla Baldonado
Vicky Perez
Velinda Rockello
Camillo Geaga


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