Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown Environmental Stewardship Program

We want to invite you to Part 4: Infrastructure, of our Environmental Stewardship mentorship and training program on April 29, 2023 1pm-3pm. You can join us virtually or in person.

Part 1 focused on the big picture, the vision. Part 2 on biodiversity. Part 3 focused on climate. Our guest speaker for Part 4 which focuses on infrastructure is Ethel Rubio. She is a member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and one of the Sustain it or Explain it (SOE) task force members of the ISI.

Infrastructure is key to our quest to transform our world to become smarter and more sustainable. Our fossil fuel civilization has created a crisis that affects all of us. To get us out of this crisis, we will need to redesign our civilization to move away from the fossil fuel civilization and to a greener civilization that use renewable energy supported by sustainable infrastructure.

Join us virtually or in person on April 29 at the Los Angeles Public Library Echo Park Branch to learn more about our Sustainability Program and what you can do to be part of the solution.

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Dear Friends,

Part 3 of our Environmental Stewardship Program which focuses on Climate is this Saturday.

Here is the link to join us virtually if you can’t make it in person:

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 846 7975 5551 Passcode: 810847

We hope you join us next week for a very important topic, biodiversity. The Community Garden in Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown will be a demonstration garden to show the concepts of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Help us build this garden to help us empower the next generation to be environmental stewards of our only home in the universe.

Here is a TEDx Boston talk from Tania:

Here is the link to join us virtually this Saturday for Part 2 of the Environmental Stewardship Program if you can’t join us in person at the Echo Park Library: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 846 7975 5551 Passcode: 810847

The link to register:

When #JFK said we will go to the moon, we made that goal happen. When #mlk shared his dream, we made it a reality. When the #UnitedNations said we would fix the ozone layer, we made it happen. Now is our time to make the #SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

Sponsor: Rotary Club of Historic Filipinotown


Mr. Ellis began his environmental science career characterizing toxic chemical waste sites for the Environmental Protection Agency. Andrew also worked in the insurance risk management field and is currently retired. Andrew’s scientific education includes a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a master of science degree in plant ecology. His current research interests are devoted to the study of paleontology, mass extinctions and their relation to climate change. Andrew has been a volunteer with The Climate Reality Project for over a decade and currently serves on the LA-Chapter Leadership Team as Legislative Committee Chair.  He has been active on environmental issues related to the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and nuclear power for his entire adult life.
Tania is the co-founder and co-host of Closing the Gap, a social justice podcast that shares stories on the connections between today’s global crises and their solutions. Tania graduated from Tufts University with a Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy. Through her writing and nature photography, she emphasizes the importance of protecting both people and the planet. She loves to snorkel, hike, and travel.
Nesha Abiraj is an International Human Rights Lawyer. She currently serves as the Diplomatic and Advocacy Liaison to Ocean States, with Stop Ecocide International, an organization seeking to make ecocide, which is broadly understood to mean, large scale and systematic destruction of nature, the 5th International Crime against Peace.

She also serves as an Ambassador to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and front line communities in coastal regions on climate justice and human rights. She previously worked with Human Rights Watch, Save the Children and continues to serve as a Lead Advocate for UNICEF USA pro bono on international humanitarian response relating to key poverty focused issues impacting the lives of children living in humanitarian and developmental settings including conflict zones. She is a trained, Climate Reality Leader, Nevada 2022 and Houston 2022.

Nesha also serves as a member of the US National Coalition to end early, forced and child marriages and is a US Advisory Board Member to Sahiyo, an NGO dedicated to ending the practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) both within the United States and Internationally. Both Child marriage and FGM/C are harmful practices which disproportionately affects the lives of women and girls and the climate crisis has only made this worse.

Nesha has worked on global human rights policies related to the rights of women, children, migrants and global health and human rights. Notably she worked on infectious diseases law and policy in India, China and the United States. In the last 2 years she worked on 5 successful human rights campaigns which resulted in child marriage being banned in the US States of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts. She was awarded the Citation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for her tireless work to protect children from early, forced and child marriages.  She has also done over a decade of humanitarian service in the aftermath of natural disasters and recently in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Caribbean and the United States.
Mr. Nichols is a bicycle and sustainability advocate. He was appointed to the West Hollywood Bicycle Task Force in 2011. Since then he has worked as the co-chair of the Mid City West Neighborhood council’s Transportation committee where he has been responsible for promoting safe streets in and around West Hollywood. Most notably the Neighborhood Greenway on Rosewood and Bike lanes on Fairfax Ave. Currently he serves as the CD-5 Representative to the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a degree in Journalism from the UCLA specializing in Broadcast Journalism. He is co-host of the Podcast Bike Talk which also airs on KPFK in Los Angeles and Valley Free Radio in Mass. Mr. Nichols’s other life is as an actor, he has recently starred in the Emmy nominated Pen 15 and Perry Mason for HBO.

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